general information

We invite technology suppliers, manufacturers of equipment and materials for mining enterprises construction and operations as well as particular industrial and infrastructure facilities to cooperation.

You are welcome to send your offers to this e-mail address: (with a copy to ). Offers with attached reference lists and estimated cost of the goods (technologies, equipment and materials) are mostly welcomed.

We kindly ask the companies willing to be our subcontractors or suppliers for our economic operations to pay special attention to the attached memo “Folder of documents for contract execution”.Our similar documents are presented in «Tenders» and «Contact us»section.

The tenders in economic operation services, etc. held by OJSC KuzbassGhiproShakht, are presented in «Tenders».

Generally, most of the companies in our field have long-term contracts with us. For new customers, all the information about our business profile is available in Services, about our licenses and permits of self-regulated organizations - in «Licenses» (About KuzbassGhiproShakht Section).

Top management, Chief project engineers and Heads of departments’ contact information (phone numbers and e-mail addresses) is available in «Our stuff» (About KuzbassGhiproShakht Section).